Four Lights Web Development is a Kansas City-based small company that has been producing websites for small businesses and in partnership with marketing and design agencies since 2010.

  • Testimonial

    Lisa Woodruff

    Web Developer / Owner

    About Lisa Woodruff

    Lisa Woodruff, Web Developer/Owner, earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Iowa State University and has been a professional web developer since 2003 in both the public and private sectors. She is fluent in multiple web languages and technologies including PHP, WordPress, ColdFusion, Javascript/jQuery and HTML/CSS, has dabbled in Python, Java and C#, and has worked extensively with MySQL and SQL Server databases. She created Four Lights Web Development in 2010, driven by a love of building websites. She has served as Web Director for The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City, is a member of Kansas City Women in Technology, and a regular at Kansas City’s PHP User Group and WordPressKC.

  • Lisa is above all else professional and skilled. Every time I work with her, I get the feeling she can make anything work. She’s passionate and always easy to communicate with. She knows the web design industry and her endless curiosity and diligent work keep her ahead.

    - Sarah Carney, worked with Lisa as Owner, Designer & Artist, Bear on Fire Creative

  • Lisa is a truly fantastic asset to any web development team. Her technical knowledge, speed, accuracy, and ability to produce advanced web applications are second to none, and having her as part of our team truly made the company a more effective, profitable, and professional organization.

    - Chris Taulborg, managed Lisa as Director of Business Development, Global Reach Internet Productions